A Bad Moms Christmas – 9th December

This Christmas sequel to the first Bad Moms film is definitely one to watch without any kids as the jokes are quite explicit. I really like this film and will hopefully be watching it again this season. The original is something I hadn’t seen before as the film focused on three mothers not wanting to be responsible and have some R-rated fun for once. They agree to be Bad Moms which is where the title comes from. This is quite unusual for a Hollywood film as mothers are usually portrayed as rule-following and not wanting to have that sort of fun. I think it’s important to show that just because women are mothers, doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their personalities.

In this Christmas edition, the three main characters have their mothers come to stay for the holidays. Amy (Mila Kunis) is the main mother and in the last film, she was feeling under-appreciated after her divorce and then met Jessie (Jay Hernandez) who also has a daughter. Her mother, Ruth (Christine Baranski) is the perfectionist type and tries to upstage Amy’s quiet family Christmas with the full works.

Kiki (Kristen Bell) has a few young kids and her husband relies on her too much. Her mother, Sandy (Cheryl Hines) has boundary issues and tries to be as near to her as possible. She gets the same haircut as Kiki and suggests moving in the house next door.

The third mother is Carla (Kathryn Hahn) who is much looser than the other two and always the first to suggest partying. She works at a beauty parlour, waxing but as her son is much older, she has a bit more freedom. Her mother is even more free-spirited than Carla. Isis (Susan Sarandon) wears lots of leather and is always ready to get into trouble for a little fun.

This ensemble cast really gels together and along with the great acting quality and fun story, this Christmas comedy is one to watch when you need to laugh aloud. The scene at the Trampoline park is particularly fun as is the dynamic between Kiki and her mother in therapy. Some surprising heart but with a heavy focus on comedy, it’s time women got a turn at the raunchy comedies. Overall 5/5.