Last Christmas – 2nd December

I saw this film on opening weekend to get in the festive mood and it did not disappoint. A bit of a different story with some really deep themes of immigration, homelessness and illness. A quick synopsis, Kate works at a Christmas shop in Covent Garden. Ever since her hospital trip last year, she’s not had her life together. Determined not to stay at home with her needy mother and deflated father, she sleeps on friend’s sofas or with strange men she meets in the pub. She is trying to get her singing career off the ground with various West End auditions. She meets Tom and a love story starts between them. Kate learns to be less selfish and embrace her heritage (former Yugoslavia) and help others including her sister, Marta and boss Santa.

A lovely film featuring songs by Wham! and George Michael, this film hit emotions that I did not expect it to. Brilliant writing as always by Emma Thompson who also plays Kate’s mother. The film features a few recognisable British actors and had a great racial diversity that reflected London. A sad twist near the end but an overall uplifting ending. A new classic that I will be seeking out next year. 4/5.

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