Bad Santa 2 – 26th December

I have seen the first film of this franchise so have been anticipating the second one for quite a while. I was very disappointed and could not sit through the film after 15 minutes. It is rated 18 for a reason. There was so much swearing, bad language, racism, insults towards many different minorities that I couldn’t watch more. I was annoyed as the writers should know that people don’t want to watch something that is degrading to just about every group included in the film.

Billy Bob Thornton is usually an enjoyable watch, from his work on Goliath and recent film, A Million Little Pieces but even he couldn’t save this abomination. Overall 0.5/5 if that. The premise was interesting, using a Santa outfit to cover a robbery but robbing from a charity is a step too far. I would not recommend this film to anyone and will not be watching it again.

Author: indie-film-fanatic00

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