The Man Who Invented Christmas – 4th December

As the poster says, The Man Who Invented Christmas is about how Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol and had it published in only six weeks. After a few flops in a row, Dickens’ publishers need a new story. It is after the success of Oliver Twist but he still hasn’t written many of his famous novels. A more adult film with less frills but an entertaining watch nonetheless. If you’ve ever wondered how the story was created, then this is the film for you.

The sets and costumes really made Victorian England come alive. Before watching, I had no idea about Dickens’ background and his tricky relationship with his father and the pressure he was under to write bestsellers. Starring some acting greats like Christopher Plummer and Jonathan Pryce and Dan Stevens as Dickens. I must admit I didn’t thoroughly love this film but different audiences might find the magic in it more than me. 3/5.