El Camino Christmas – 14th December

I had to replace Christmas with the Kranks with this film as it was taken off of Netflix. El Camino Christmas has been on my watch list ever since I got Netflix so I thought it was about time I got around to watching it.

For the first half, I thought the film was slow going. I found the initial premise of a Christmas Eve hostage situation intriguing but it’s play off wasn’t executed very well. Too much time was spent on the set up of each individual character instead of focusing on the main premise of the plot. I did enjoy the acting and overall pay off of the story but as I have been waiting to watch this film for 2 years, my expectations were high.

The basic plot is that a different people from different walks of life: a guy looking for his father; a drunk veteran; a young mother and her five-year-old son; a violent cop and the owner of the convenience store all end up in a hostage situation. The cops of El Camino quickly get a hold of the situation and turn it into a shoot out for no reason. There is definitely some real life echoes of police brutality and the policy that some officers adapt of shoot first, ask questions later.

It was not very Christmassy and much more violent than I thought. Something to watch if you like cop films or are a fan of any of the actors: Tim Allen, Dax Shepard, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jessica Alba. Overall 3/5.