Deck the Halls – 5th December

A fun family film with a nice warm ending. Deck the Halls is a film I re-watched in preparation for the Countdown to Christmas and I had forgotten how funny and entertaining the film is. It centres around two rival neighbours and their families. Steve Finch lives a quiet life until his new neighbours arrive in town. Buddy Hall is a car salesman and moves his family around a lot when he gets bored of a town. After his daughters show him My Earth (A fictional version of Google Earth) and point out that there house isn’t visible, Buddy decides to make his house a massive light display that can be seen from space.

This causes conflicts with Steve who then tries to sabotage the light display in order to get a good night’s sleep. Meanwhile, Steve who is normally king of Christmas, has a run of bad luck. The film is led by Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick with Kristin Davis and Kristin Chenoweth supporting. There are some great scenes with plenty of physical comedy. A sweet ending that puts you right in the Christmas mood and thankful that you aren’t Steve Finch. Wholesome family fun, 3/5.