Get Santa – 18th December

A different take on the usual American Dream Christmas film. I thought it was a fresh look on a very overdone genre. The British Christmas film often starts out in a more lowly place than US versions. The film is about Steve who gets out of jail on 23rd December. He takes his son out on Christmas Eve and after Father Christmas crash lands on Earth, Steve and Tom end up on an adventure to save Christmas. Their crazy journey takes them to Dasher the reindeer and eventually to the North Pole. Meanwhile, Santa has been arrested for trespassing while trying to rescue his reindeer and is in the very prison that Steve was released from.

There are lots of consequences for Steve and Tom. A part of Steve’s parole, he must see his officer every day but to help his son, he jeopardises his freedom. With police car chases, secret doors, communicating reindeer and crazy convicts, this film is certainly entertaining while keeping its feet somewhat in reality. Full of the best of British actors including Jodie Whittaker, Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall, Ewen Bremner, Warwick Davis, Joanna Scanlan and Stephen Graham. Kit Connor who plays Tom was also great in his first main role.

A great Christmas caper if you’re looking for something a little less fluffy and a bit more adventurous. 4/5.