A Christmas Prince – 11th December

This Netflix Original film is one that I remember being promoted heavily on the site/app back in 2017 and this festive season I got around to watching it. It was fairly predictable but if you’re looking for a gooey Christmas love story, fit for all ages then this will be right up your street.

The basic premise of the story is that a reporter from New York trying to further her career is sent to do a story on the heir to the throne of Aldovia, a fictional European country. He has to ascend the throne by Christmas Day, (of course) otherwise his cousin will take over. Amber the journalist goes to the castle on a press visit but manages to trick everyone and poses as the Princess Emily’s tutor. Amber’s editor tells her to stay and dig the dirt on Prince Richard but as she sees his genuine side, Amber doesn’t want to expose the family secrets.

Apart from very obvious logic flaws and the manufactured story line, A Christmas Prince was an enjoyable film and if you’re into it, fun to pick apart the plot holes and spot the sponsors. I did see lots of parallels to the Julia Stiles film, The Prince & Me where the prince goes undercover at university and meets a normal girl. It could have had influences but the plots were not massively similar. I don’t think I would watch again unless with young children. The film has sparked two sequels: Royal Wedding and Royal Baby arriving this Christmas so maybe there is some worthwhile content. Overall 3/5.