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I have been absent from the blog for a while as in the current pandemic, there has not been many new films to write about. I have been watching more television shows as Netflix has been releasing some great new series during the pandemic.

I have as of a few days ago ventured back to the silver screen. I am however in Antalya, Turkey and not the UK and as the coronavirus was controlled here a little earlier, I feel safer going back to being out and about. The cinema has introduced a number of preventative measures including hosing down the seats after every screening. I also chose the Gold Class screen which is more luxurious with only 4 seats to a row and these are spaced out. The cinema chain, Cinemaximum has had these screens for a while and they are really coming in handy this year! They are also leather so make cleaning super easy and comfortable to sit in.

Anyway onto the film. I went to see Palm Springs, a Hulu original film starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. I did not think that I would get to see the film as I was under the impression that it would only be released on the streaming platform, Hulu which is only available in the US. Turkey does tend to get a lot of films that don’t have wide international releases so this may be a reason. I was very happy to see the film though as the concept sounded fun and is a new twist on the time loop trope.

Of course, being stuck in a time loop is no new plot device as seen in films such as Groundhog Day which set the precedent for this sort of films; Source Code; Happy Death Day and Looper. What was different about this time loop was that there were multiple people stuck in the loop. The two main characters Nyles and Sarah played by Samberg and Milioti respectively are both guests at a wedding in Palm Springs. Nyles is the boyfriend of bridesmaid Misty and Sarah is maid of honour to her sister, Tala. The two have never met before the loop starts but quickly become allies.

Some elements of the plot surprised me from what I saw in the trailer which is rare these days as many trailers reveal just a little too much of the film. I was under the impression that Nyles and Sarah both got stuck in the time loop at the same time but as I realised early on, Nyles has been endlessly living out November 9th in Palm Springs way before Sarah gets pulled into it. This worked well as a narrative device where a new character is introduced to a pre-existing scenario to explain things to the audience without needing a character to break the fourth wall.

One night at the wedding, Sarah is having a horrible time and gets drunk and decides to hook up with Nyles. He appears to not care at all as he wears a Hawaiian shirt and shorts at the reception. While sneaking off to a more secluded area, Nyles is attacked by a mysterious figure and crawls into a cave while Sarah looks on horrified. She follows him in and then gets stuck into his time loop. Nyles guides her through life in the time loop and Nyles begins to enjoy his life again along with Sarah who after first trying to get out by dying comes to accept her fate with Nyles. Sometimes they attend the wedding, other times they hang out at the local bar or meet with people that Nyles has befriended after his endless loops of the day.

There were a few twists to the story that I will not reveal but this romantic comedy is not just a straight forward happy ending. The film does have some swearing and intimate scenes but I think it could be classed as a 15 as there is no nudity, only suggestions of it. I really loved the film especially as it was in the luxury screen of Gold Class and the first film I had seen in the cinema since March. My watching partner was not satisfied with the ambiguous ending but I felt it didn’t need to be anything more than it was.

Today in the cinema, Christopher Nolan’s new film, Tenet comes out and I will hopefully be seeing this in the next week so look out for that review soon.

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