A Wish for Christmas – 15th December

This Hallmark Original Film is one I found on Netflix. I was expecting it to be cheesy and overly romantic as Hallmark films are stereotyped to be. I thought that apart from the fairytale premise of a wish being granted by Santa Claus, the rest of the film was quite enjoyable. In the film, Sara wants to be more confident in her workplace as her superior always steals her ideas and passes them off as his own. After getting a Secret Santa gift at her work Christmas party, Sara has the power to have one wish come true for 72 hours. She wishes to be more confident at speaking her mind. This leads to her having a go at her manager for stealing her idea and ending up on a work trip with the CEO.

They go to Seattle a couple of days before Christmas to land an account. The CEO has already left for his holiday so they follow him to a town in the hills which just so happens to be her CEO’s hometown. She meets his family and learns about his aversions to visiting his family. With only 2 days to help him, secure the account and get back to her mother and sister for Christmas Day, Sara needs all the courage her wish can grant her.

I enjoyed the film, a very cosy Christmas film that showed positive images of women in the workplace that evolved into a romantic Christmas adventure. Some parts became quite predictable towards the end but I thought the setting and the acting was good enough for the genre. The ending was a good one as can be expected and this film is perfect for all ages. More of a soppy rom com than anything else so be careful who you watch it with.

Overall 3/5. Lacey Chabert is always a great actress and I’ve been a fan since her Party of Five days. Most of the other actors are regulars in Hallmark Christmas films. I probably wouldn’t watch this again as there are other more re-watchable films in the Countdown.

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